VIEKAL has a rich range of solutions in aluminum blinds to protect your space from sunlight.

Exterior aluminum blinds add a very modern touch to the facade of any building. Available in many colors. Side air protection is achieved with side guides. Exterior blinds provide protection from the sun’s UV rays, adjust the light level in the room, as well as an additional insulation. Their operation is done by electric movement or automation.

For every space that requires vertical blinds, there are countless ideas and combinations that give you decorative solutions even in the most difficult places, while ensuring perfect regulation of light and protection from the sun.  The wide variety of designs, dimensions, colors and materials offer many options in the home, office or business and can enliven in a unique way not only the windows, but also the entire surrounding area.

Horizontal blinds reveal a whole world of design combinations for the interior decoration of your home or business space. In the external application, they enable complete control of natural light and heat. The wide range of modern shades, as well as the numerous designs, can satisfy even the most discerning customers. The high aesthetics, the quality of construction and installation, make the horizontal blinds unique. But above all, they stand out for their reliable operation, which makes them easy to use and durable over time. Ability to operate manually, electrically or with automation.

The pleated blind can be installed easily in any window, triangular, trapezoidal, sloping, in skylights, arches and even roof windows. Thanks to the small space it occupies when assembled, but also to the minimal weight of its materials, it adapts easily to all requirements and serves countless uses. The wide range of fabrics and colors in which the pleated blind is offered, certainly covers any need for decoration and sun protection.  Pleated shading systems are available with different types of drive mechanisms, fully covering any needs and the shape of the window or patio. Their movement is done either manually with cords or with electric motors and automations.


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