Choose from the wide range of colors available for our products, thanks to the use of anodizing and electrostatic painting.

VIEKAL has a wide variety of colors for all products intended for construction, architectural applications and widely used for exterior coatings of buildings.
Anodizing and electrostatic painting is important, especially when used in architectural applications. Anodizing and electrostatic painting improves the anti-corrosion behavior of aluminum and achieves the decorative appearance required in architectural applications.

With electrostatic painting, the aluminum surface is enhanced by a layer of polyester paint. Proper surface treatment, the composition of the polyester paint and the application conditions ensure the protection of the aluminum surface from corrosion.

The main characteristics of electrostatic painting are:

  • The corrosion protection it offers to aluminum is very good, as long as all the conditions of production process, application and use are observed.
  • Unlimited choice of colors.