Door pulls for main entrances

Door pulls for main entrances made of aluminum, stainless steel and bronze, in different shapes, cover in the best way possible every modern functional and aesthetic demand. VIEKAL boasts a complete line of different support systems for door pulls, ensuring their installation on doors made of Aluminum – Wood – PVC.

Handles – Knobs – Pulls

Three complete lines of frame handles, of high quality and modern design, with a 10-year warranty for good operation.

  • Roto Samba
  • Roto Line
  • Roto Swing

Thanks to their Secustik® technology, they ensure both comfort and ease of use, as well as the safety of the frames.

Outdoor Frames SECUSTIK handles

Handles with an advanced built-in safety system you can actually hear…

They stand out for their high quality materials, modern and attractive design, but also perfect operation. Secustik handles provide advanced safety for your protection. When the handle is turned to various positions, its safety system is activated, which can actually be heard, and blocks the operation of the frame mechanism from the outside. Secustik handles meet all safety requirements, based on Ahs RAL-RG607/13 Guideline. The wide range of designs and colors enables you to satisfy your every aesthetic preference and decorate your window frames exactly as you have dreamt of.

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Handles for interior doors and main entrances

Hoppe is the leading European company manufacturing handle and innovative products of modern design, with a 10-year warranty.
Its products are marked as Resista® and have a 10-year warranty for surface protection.
The innovative application Quick Fit® ensures the easy and fast installation of handles, something particularly important for large scale projects.
With a wide range of different designs, it meets every modern aesthetic demand.


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