The new program for energy upgrading and housing autonomy will include new criteria, in addition to income, and new conditions for evaluation, seeking to handle energy poverty. The program will amount to a total of 1 billion Euro and for its financing the approval of the national recovery plan is expected.

The proposals will be assessed based on income, building age and the weather conditions in the area.

The new “Exoikonomo – Autonomo” program is expected to be launched in the September-November trimester, and will include four new changes.

In more details:

  1. The amount of subsidies for home energy upgrades is expected to be lower. The highest subsidy rates will reach 60% to 65%, while in the last program it was 90%. According to various information, the reduction aims for a greater number of beneficiaries to be included.
  2. The goal for the inclusion of houses in the new cycle is to reach 50,000 homes. This is the first time that the aid distribution bar has risen to these levels. Previous cycles included around 25,000 to 36,000 homes.
  3. Beneficiaries may only be homeowners who actually live in these buildings. Whether apartments or detached houses.
  4. The budget of “Exoikonomo – Autonomo” will not be distributed by region, but by regional unit (prefecture). Hence, the Ministry of Environment and Energy seeks fairer participation in the program and specifically the integration of housing from all regional units.