Aluminum opening systems for doors and windows, of various dimensions and uses. They provide high energy efficiency, excellent sound insulation, absolute safety, combined with maximum quality, high aesthetics and full functionality. Excellent aesthetic result in complex architectural applications. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="39" gal_title="Efarmoges - anoigomena"]Aluminum Opening Window Systems Applications

Aluminum sliding systems for doors and windows, of various dimensions and uses. They save space and some cover large openings, offering unobstructed views and connecting indoors with outdoors. High thermal insulation and safety, combined with easy sliding and quiet operation during use, ensuring a perfect aesthetic and functional result. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery... Aluminum Sliding Window Systems Applications

Custom aluminum safety shutters, of heavy duty with the widest perforation on the market. They offer more light and ventilation, with the ability to control the desired indoor light and air. Absolute safety, excellent quality, high aesthetics and perfect fit. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="43" gal_title="Efarmoges - rola megalis diatrisis"]Custom Safety Shutters Applications

Screens for doors and windows, of various dimensions and uses. They offer excellent protection against mosquitoes and other insects and more. Made of durable aluminum in various dimensions, with pleated or straight cloth, they provide maximum resistance to UV radiation and high ambient temperatures, and durability to air and frequent... Screens Applications

Pergolas of high quality and durability that can offer shading in the summer and protection from rain and snow in winter. At the same time, they provide a flawless aesthetic result. They are manufactured in accordance with strict quality standards, which are followed both in the processing of the raw... Pergolas Applications

Railings applications of aluminum, glass, stainless steel, iron, on balconies, courtyards and other areas. Excellent quality, exceptional durability, maximum safety and high aesthetics, perfectly matching the architecture of the buildings and the surrounding area and highlighting the value of the construction. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="49" gal_title="Efarmoges - kagkela"]Railings Applications

Patios in complete harmony with the architecture of the space. They offer excellent lighting, waterproofing, thermal insulation, sound insulation, as well as resistance to severe weather conditions. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="51" gal_title="Efarmoges - aithria"]Patios Applications

Doors, security and auxiliary entrances, garage doors and gates, of high design and functionality, that perfectly match the architecture of the buildings. The entrance doors and the auxiliary doors have aluminum panels and wood (entrance), offer increased thermal and sound insulation, high aesthetics & exceptional durability, and certified security with... Doors Applications

Special constructions for doors, air condition units covers, air ducts, mailboxes. At VIEKAL, we consistently and professionally support the work of the architect, engineer, decorator, for a high aesthetic and functional result, of specialized architectural constructions. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="55" gal_title="Efarmoges - eidikes kataskeues"]Special Constructions