Aluminum frames, thanks to their durable and compact construction, offer a very high level of security and prevent burglaries. As they are very sturdy, they work effectively with a variety of mechanisms and components, which further enhance your safety. They also have a anti-burglary certification.

Breaking and entry through windows and balcony doors is common, especially in detached houses, so we must be careful with the safety of our windows. If we have chosen a drop-down window, we should prefer to include a multi-lock mechanism. If we have chosen a sliding window, it should have internal locks.

The entrance door, which receives the most violations, must be security and of aluminum. Especially the flat security doors, with glued sheet metal, provide even greater security, as they are very difficult to break. And of course we do not fail to have multi-point security locks.

In case the door includes fixed parts with glass or skylight, the glass should be triplex security, so that it breaks very hard.

And for even greater security, VIEKAL suggests:

  • The handmade aluminum safety rolls, heavy duty with the largest perforation on the market, which have the possibility of hidden recessed guides and innovative solid iron latch, which make them completely safe and impenetrable.
  • The special custom screen construction with aluminum, for even greater safety, when you do not want to be deprived of light, air and visual contact with the surrounding area.