Replace your old window frames with new thermal insulation systems and save up to 30% energy.

VIEKAL uses recyclable products in its constructions, such as aluminum. In addition to the special soundproofing and thermal insulation traits, aluminum is a product 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. We seek to inform our customers on issues related to energy saving and, with the recyclable products we use, we give clear examples of energy and money savings for our window frames solutions.

Old frames consume more energy to keep indoors warm or cool, as there are gaps from where energy flows out into the atmosphere. This results in the more frequent use of heating systems during the winter and air conditioners in summer, in order to achieve the desired indoor temperature. This way, there is higher consumption of energy and money.
By replacing the old frames with new thermal insulation frames with double glazing, there will be a reduction in the need of energy of up to 30%.