To extend the life of your screens as much as possible, you must operate them according to the manufacturer’s instructions and maintain them properly and regularly.

  • When the windows are closed, the screens are not useful and must be folded to protect them against UV rays and dust.
  • Keep the screens folded when there is a strong wind, because most screens do not have windproof properties.
  • You need to clean your systems frequently from dust and other substances that can damage their operation.
  • Clean your screen with a damp cloth dampened with water or a mild detergent. Do not use water presses or chemical cleaners, as they may damage the product.
  • Clean the lower aluminum guide or lower drive belt frequently so that the product does not collect dust inside and the screen works smoothly.
  • Protect the screens from your pets. Pets should be kept away from the screens.

Contact us to offer you the appropriate guidance on the process of cleaning and maintenance of your systems, to maintain their appearance and performance.