VIEKAL manufactures custom aluminum safety shutters, of heavy duty with the widest perforation on the market, designed and developed after long research and study, by specialized designers.

The VIEKAL safety shutters are available in a wide variety of openings and sizes and offer you excellent quality, high aesthetics and perfect fit, covering your every need.

Offers you…

  • 40% more light and ventilation in the space, with the possibility of controlling the desired indoor light and air, since the ventilation/lighting holes are formed at harmonious distances, according to the width and the type of the frame.
  • Possibility to choose from three different sheets and three enhanced guides.
  • Possibility to cover openings up to 7 meters, without the need for a partition.
  • Possibility of hidden recessed guides and innovative solid iron latch, which makes it completely safe and impenetrable.
  • Same appearance on both sides for aesthetic uniformity.
  • Ability to identify an obstacle and select an intermediate/favorite position, through smart mechanisms/motors.
  • Possibility of tight closure with absolute blackout and locking in full or partial lighting/ventilation position.
  • With the widest perforation in the market!

Ideal solution, even for demanding constructions.


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2, M. Mpotsari & Gyftaki Str., 17342 Agios Dimitrios, Attica